BRV – Solar Thermal-Solar Boiler Kit 2


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Solar-boiler thermostatic connection kit with adjustable diverting temperature

The kit, fully assembled and tested, consists of:


  • Thermostatic diverting valve 1” Male with adjustable diverting temperature from 38°C up to 54°C, by  means of a graduated  knob – Kvs 3,5.
  • Solar check valve and filter built in the connection pipe to the solar storage tank.
  • T-shaped swivel connection to the boiler with storage tank.


  • Anti scald thermostatic mixing valve 1” Male – Kvs 2,5. Control of the user temperature adjustable by means of a knob from 35°C up to 60°C.
  • Solar check valve and filter built in the connection pipe to the cold water.

Centre Distance 163 mm (95mm bolier).
EPP insulation box (Measurements: 255x125x100 mm).
T-shaped central connection with adjustable angular position of the connections.
In some positions I’ll be necessary to remove the insulation box.

Maximum static pressure 10 bar (PN 10); dynamic 5 bar.
Maximum ratio between the pressures 2:1.
Inlet maximum temperature: constant temperature 100°C;
(short time temperature: 120°C for 20 s).
Diverting valve temperature setting field: 38°÷54°.
Commutating field 4K (between 42 and 52°C).
Users temperature setting field: 35÷60°C. Accuracy ±1°C.

External connections:  3/4” Male (swivel connection).

Avalilable Kvs:
1.7 = Middle water consumption;
max. 49 l/min (3 bar)
Diverting temperature:
Adjustable from 38°C up to 54°C